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We will create your website We will use the potential of your social media We will reach your potential customers

Quickly, efficiently and qualitatively We will provide comprehensive support for key websites By using professional tools, your client will get to know your product better

Do you also see how ...

  • Internet marketing is becoming more and more advanced every year,
  • the competition sets the bar higher and higher,
  • more and more tasks need to be outsourced to specialists,
  • the customer is more demanding than before.

We too. And we know how we can help you.

What problems will we solve for you?

Every entrepreneur needs representative website

We will design a beautiful and functional website that will meet the expectations of both you and your customers

Google ads or FB ads sound too scary?

We will plan and implement the campaign on the selected social networks in order to achieve the intended results

You don't have time to run Facebook or Instagram?

We will take care of your social media so that they create a coherent marketing tool to promote your service or product

Need a poster design? How about business cards or brochures?

Let us know and we will come back to you with a solution that will surely satisfy you!

Our projects

One-page site based on design

The aim of the project was to create a website
based on a ready graphic design.

The assumptions of our service was design
in terms of IT, a one-page website,
creation of me information section with drop-downs
elements, as well as the preparation of hyperlinks and
subpages under the landing page and the form.

The technology used is the CMS system in
based on WordPress, and the foundation of ours
implementation was a graphic design developed on

Website for the Róża Wroniszewska Auction House

The aim of the project was defined as reworking the existing one
website in order to adjust it to the upcoming needs
The customer.

The premise of our service was redesign
visual identification of the website, correction and introduction
new items and sections on the page as well
updating the works of art data on the site.

The technology used is the CMS WordPress system.
The content management wizards used on the website are
Elementor and Divi.

They trusted us

The process of creating a website is based on several successive processes; defining the client’s needs, creating a page mock-up, programming the website and introducing corrections. You can read more about it here.

The time it takes to create a website is very individual; creating a basic business card page can take from a few days to a week. Creating a company website with a few or a dozen tabs may take from a week to a month. Online store – from two weeks to even several months. Remember that it is primarily you who create your website and your recognition on the Internet, so the process largely depends on you and your needs.

Anytime! Do not wait, just contact us in any way – contact us. If we only have a free moment, we can start your project right away.

A marketing campaign is the basic cog in building a brand and selling products or services – that’s why our approach to each client will be as individual as possible. If you want an overview of how we operate, check out Marketing Campaigns.

Leave the boring and technical jargon to us 😉 In short, when positioning your website, we make sure that the link to it is displayed to as many users as possible – the higher the website is in the search results, the more people will enter it. If you want to know more, write to us in the form.

Google Ads is nowadays the basic marketing tool that allows you to advertise your product or service. It consists in displaying advertisements to potential customers, which, when clicked, take users directly to your website. Well-managed Google Ads is an effective way to increase the revenue of your business. We write more about it in the campaigns tab.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions related to what we do, we are in a hurry with answers. Before you write to us, however, we suggest that you have a look at our subpage with various questions; even if you don’t find the answer to yours, you can get to know our services better and get a better picture of how we operate.

We want, together with the team, to meet you in the best possible way
expectations, and thanks to a partnership approach, mutual
engage in transparent and solid cooperation.

We believe that an ethical approach to business is now a pillar
running a business, which is why we try to cooperate
with Amplify Digital it was clear and reliable.

We adhere to the principle that nowadays the best
the marketing tool is a product or service,
which one hundred and twenty percent meets the expectations of the recipients.

We aspire to such a company as a team.

Mateusz Krawczyk,
CEO & Founder

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